Saturday, February 08, 2003

This Blog Is Officially Inactive

Try this one instead.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

On Labels and Catholics

Much discussion the past week or two about labelling Catholics. I've tried to classify myself -- "conservative with traditionalist leanings" is about as close as I can get to describing my positions, and still it isn't accurate enough.

I want to be merely Catholic.

I want to be faithful to the entire Deposit of Faith handed down from Our Lord through the ages.

I want to be faithful to my Pope, my Ordinary, my priests, and my brothers and sisters in the Faith.

I want the Liturgy to accurately reflect that Faith, to be Heaven come down to Earth and not be used as a political tool by one group or another, or as an ever-changing vaudeville show. I want it to be celebrated by the book, reverently and rubrically.

I want to practice the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy without ideological jargon attached to them.

I want priests and religious to be living signs of their calling, both in their conduct and in their garb.

I want to be simply Catholic.

Prayer Request

Please remember Kitty Klein and her family in your prayers. Two of her nephews were killed in a car accident this morning.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003


A long time ago, I prayed that I could be just like G. K. Chesterton. So now I've got a bit of girth and a terminal case of absentmindedness. Today I bought a copy of Orwell's essays at a used bookstore -- and left it there.

Reading List

Just finished the Silmarillion. I'll never think of elves the same way again.

Also just went through a Tolkien anthology. Farmer Giles of Ham is a fun story. And Leaf by Niggle -- wow! I wonder if that story influenced the writings of fellow Inkling C. S. Lewis -- I see some parallels with The Great Divorce.

Speaking of Lewis -- I think it's time I reread some of his work.

Monday, February 03, 2003

I Think I'll Go Into Denial About This One...

Gee whiz, tell Mommy to stop babying you so much
and get out of the house once in a while. You
are the typical nerd. Congradulations, the
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develop the latest line of anti-depressants
that they will need when they are 35.

What kind of typical high school character from a movie are you?
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Also Accurate.....

You are Bavarian
You are a Bavarian.

What's your Inner European?
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Accurate, I Guess...


Where do you fall on the liberal - conservative political spectrum? (United States)
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How Did They Know?!?

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Considering That I Work for IBM.....

...this is positively spooky.

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Which OS are You?

Thanks to Gordon Zaft!

The Last Two Weeks

The weekend before last, I ballet parked all three shows at CSz. Ever try to pirouette in several layers of clothing? I didn't think so...

Did it again this weekend. Saturday morning's disaster didn't affect CSz's business. Worked till 11:30 pm that night. The weather was positively tropical compared to the previous.

Went to the indult Mass. Very nice Candlemas procession.

On Blogging Frequency

Several stalwarts have stopped blogging the past few days, citing time constraints. Others are cutting back on blogtime, or considering the possibility.

As for myself, I gave up on daily blogging quite some time ago. I work two jobs now, and one of them involves staring at a screen all day. After work, I don't feel like being on a computer for long. And even when I do go on the computer, I want to check my email or play a computer game. Blogging is forgotten in those instances.

So why am I keeping this site in operation? Sometimes I'm not so sure if I should continue. I spend more time reading other blogs and leaving comments on them when there is something worthy of discussion, or I don't have anything to say at all. Or when I do, someone has said it much better than I ever could.

OTOH...sometimes I do want to say something. Sometimes I want to share my day, the things I love to do, my opinions (and I've got a lot of those!), or do something off-the-wall. I've met one blogger face-to-face, and hope to meet a few more. So I'll keep on blogging...

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Today's Tragedy

I found out about Columbia at breakfast this morning. An Israeli astronaut was aboard. I have a sickening feeling that there will be demonstrations celebrating his death...........I hope I'm wrong.

Update 2/3: I was right. The Jerusalem Post reports that some are rejoicing over this loss.....